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Blackjack Basic Strategy – Double After Split

If double after split (DAS) is available, you should split pairs more often to take advantage of this rule. Here are updated rules for pair splitting when double after split is available. 7 blackjack basic strategy rules for pair splitting (DAS allowed): Always SPLIT A's and 8's NEVER split 5's or T's SPLIT 2's and …

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Blackjack Hands per Hour

To properly calculate your expected blackjack loss per hour, you need 2 items: House Advantage (Expected Value) of the game you are playing Hands played per Hour With that in mind, here is a chart that gives you an estimate of the number of blackjack hands you will play per hour based on the number …

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Blackjack House Advantage – Expected Value

Now that you have learned basic strategy, what are your likely losses over the long-term from playing blackjack? All casino games have a built-in house advantage (or expected value).  This house advantage pays for the enormous hotels and casinos in Las Vegas and the free entertainment and comps that are available.  With games like blackjack, …

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