Hearthstone Free to Play – first month F2P summary

In May 2017 I created a Hearthstone free to play account to see how far I could get as a new F2P Hearthstone player with limited time. Here are the results of my play on a new Hearthstone free to play account.

Hearthstone Tavern Brawl

I was finally able to play in my first Hearthstone tavern brawl. Tavern brawl is a game mode that is unlocked when you achieve level 20 with any class. This game mode is open for about 5 days each week and changes every week with a new experience. You receive one hearthstone classic pack for your first win in tavern brawl each week. This a great addition for hearthstone free to play players as it is another way to earn free packs. Tavern brawl is one of the reasons I suggest focusing on one class as a beginning hearthstone player. Playing Hearthstone primarily with one class will open this game mode as quickly as possible.

Updated Hearthstone Free to Play Hunter Deck

I continued to open Hearthstone packs from the gold I acquired completing daily quests. I finally opened my first and only legendary card (King Mukla) during my first month of play. Unfortunately the Hearthstone card King Mukla doesn’t really help my Hunter deck.

Here are some of the useful cards for my free to play hunter deck that I received from opening packs:

  • Deadly Shot
  • Scavenging Hyena
  • Stranglethorn Tiger

I used dust from disenchanting rarely used cards and crafted:

  • Nesting Roc
  • Ravasaur Runt
  • Savannah Highmane
  • Scavenging Hyena

I also decided to remove Infest Wolf from my deck as it didn’t seem to do as well as I expected. Below is the final hunter deck that I used for last 13 days of ranked play in May 2017.

Hearthstone Free to Play Hunter

Hearthstone Ranked Play

The results of my ranked play in Hearthstone with the above hearthstone free to play hunter deck is in the table below:

Rank Range Day Win Loss Win Rate Ending Rank
25 to 21 3 – 4 8 2 80% 20 – 2 stars
20 to 16 5 – 18 21 19 53% 17 – 0 stars
19 2 1 67% 17 – 1 star
20 2 1 67% 17 – 2 stars
21 3 0 100% 16 – 3 stars
22 1 2 33% 16 – 2 stars
23 2 1 67% 16 – 3 star
24 2 1 67% 15 – 1 star
Total 33 25 57%
15 to 10 25 1 2 33% 15
26 2 1 67% 15 – 1 star
27 2 1 67% 15 – 2 stars
28 1 2 33% 15 – 1 star
29 2 1 67% 15 – 2 stars
30 1 2 33% 15 – 1 star
31 2 1 67% 15 – 2 stars
Total 11 10 52%
Overall 52 37 58%

Hearthstone F2P SeasonI ended up at Rank 15 and 2 stars which is not too bad of a rank for the first season of play on a new hearthstone free to play account. I had an overall 58% win rate and I only played a total of 89 ranked games during the season. Part of the reason I didn’t achieve a higher rank was that hunter was one of the worst classes in Hearthstone in May 2017. However, hunter is a cheap class to build a competitive deck and is a good experience to learn the game. I also believe that Kindly Grandmother is a very powerful card in hearthstone that is only obtained by playing the adventure One Night in Karazhan.

Hearthstone Free to Play Account Next Steps

I am not going to continue play on this account, but if I were, here are some things I would do. I would immediately complete the opening prologue of the One Night in Karazhan adventure. This adventure wing is free and will reward you with the cards Enchanted Raven and Firelands Portal. I would continue to use the gold from completing quests for classic packs as I feel this is the best way to get a variety of cards for a new F2P hearthstone account.

At some point in a new player account you may consider spending money on Hearthstone. If you want to spend money on hearthstone I would buy the Welcome Bundle. This bundle will give you 10 classic Hearthstone packs and a guaranteed class legendary from the classic set. The welcome bundle is a real value at only $4.99. Second I would buy the One Night in Karazhan adventure as adventures are the best value in terms of gold per dollar spent.

As a new player I would look to level up a new class during my second month of Hearthstone play. I would suggest mage as the next class because the basic cards for mage are quite powerful. Also you will have a pretty good card in Firelands Portal that you received from completing the prologue of One Night in Karazhan.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my blog posts about the journey on a new Hearthstone free to play account.

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