Hearthstone Beginner Guide – daily quests

Today for my hearthstone beginner guide series I am going to discuss completing daily quests. Completing daily quests in Hearthstone is the lifeblood of a free to play account.

Hearthstone Daily Quests

Every day when you open Hearthstone you will be given a daily quest. You can have at most 3 daily quests in your quest log. So make sure that you always have a spot open for the next day. You can also click on the red X in the upper right corner of a quest to reroll one quest each day to get another quest.

Hearthstone Quests 100 GoldCompleting hearthstone daily quests is the easiest way to consistently earn gold for purchasing Hearthstone packs. You also receive 10 gold for every 3 wins in play mode. During the last week I concentrated on completing daily quests in Hearthstone to earn gold. With the gold I opened classic packs in hopes to receive cards that could improve my hunter deck. With cards I received that don’t see much competitive play in any deck, I dusted them and saved the dust to craft more cards for my midrange hunter deck.

During my play, sometimes my quest log fills up with 3 quests that I can’t complete playing hunter. On those occasions I completed quests in casual mode so that I wouldn’t upset my rank in competitive mode with a substandard deck.

Updated Hearthstone Hunter Deck

Here are some of the useful cards for my free to play hunter deck that I received from opening packs:

  • Angry Chicken (LOL)
  • Dire Wolf Alpha
  • Explosive Trap
  • Unleash the Hounds

I replaced the 2 River Crocolisk in my hunter deck with a Dire Wolf Alpha and Unleash the Hounds that I obtained from opening packs. My updated hearthstone free to play hunter deck is below:

Hearthstone New Player Hunter Deck

Hearthstone Ranked Play

The results of my ranked play in Hearthstone with the above free to play hunter deck over the last week is in the table below:

Rank Range Day Win Loss Win Rate Ending Rank
25 to 21 3 – 4 8 2 80% 20 – 2 stars
20 to 16 5 – 10 11 5 69% 16 – 1 star
11 1 2 33% 17 – 3 stars
12 2 1 67% 16 – 1 star
13 1 2 33%  17 – 3 stars
14 1 2 33%  17 – 2 stars
15 1 2 33%  17 – 1 star
16 1 2 33%  17 – 0 stars
17 2 1 67%  17 – 1 star
18 1 2 33%  17 – 0 stars
Total 21 19 53%

My progress last week wasn’t as good as the week before. It is important to remember that over the short-term losing streaks can and will occur. I will continue to complete my Hearthstone daily quests and open more classic packs as I earn gold. Hopefully I will open some useful cards in the next week of play.

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