Hearthstone Beginner Guide – free to play hunter deck

Last Thursday (day 4) when I opened Hearthstone I received another unexpected reward. I received 3 free Journey to Un’goro packs for the year of the mammoth celebration. In addition, I also received the quest for the rogue hero Maiev Shadowsong by winning 10 games in play mode. Lastly, a friend challenge me for the 80 gold play a friend quest. So now I have 305 gold, enough to buy 3 Hearthstone classic packs. With these rewards it was time to open a few more Hearthstone packs and improve my midrange free to play hunter deck. I hope my Hearthstone beginner guide posts over the last week have been helpful to you.

Hearthstone Free to Play Hunter Deck

Hearthstone Savannah HighmaneI opened the 4 Journey to Un’goro packs I had and 4 Hearthstone classic packs (3 of them purchased with 300 gold).

From these packs the only half way decent cards I received were:

  • Freezing Trap
  • Jungle Panther

Because I didn’t open any useful cards in my free to play hearthstone packs, I once again dusted some rarely used cards. With this dust I crafted a few useful cards for my hunter deck.

I crafted the following cards for my midrange hunter deck:

  • Fiery Bat (2) – 40 dust each from Whispers of the Old Gods
  • Infested Wolf (2) – 100 dust each from Whispers of the Old Gods
  • Savannah Highmane – 100 dust from the Classic set

I will be primarily crafting cards from sets other than the Hearthstone classic set in hopes that I will get cards I need from the classic set in packs. Below is the improved version of my midrange hunter deck for Hearthstone.

Hearthstone Free to Play Hunter Deck

Hearthstone Ranked Play

The results of my ranked play in Hearthstone with the above free to play hunter deck over the last week is in the table below:

Rank Range Day Win Loss Win Rate Ending Rank
25 to 21 3 0 1 0% 25 – 0 stars
4 8 1 89% 20 – 2 stars
Total 8 2 80%
20 to 16 5 4 2 67% 19 – 2 stars
6 2 1 67% 19 – 3 stars
7 2 0 100% 17 – 1 star
8 2 0 100% 16 – 2 stars
9 0 2 0% 16 – 0 stars
10 1 0 100% 16 – 1 star
Total 11 5 69%

In conclusion, my experience is that having a win rate over 60% is pretty good. It is really encouraging considering this is just the starter version of my free to play hunter deck in Hearthstone. I ended at rank 16 and 1 star after my first week of Hearthstone ranked play with this deck. I will update this Hearthstone beginner guide series after I get more cards for my beginner midrange hunter deck.

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