Blackjack Hands per Hour

To properly calculate your expected blackjack loss per hour, you need 2 items:

  1. House Advantage (Expected Value) of the game you are playing
  2. Hands played per Hour

With that in mind, here is a chart that gives you an estimate of the number of blackjack hands you will play per hour based on the number of players at the blackjack table.

Players Hand per Hour
1 210
2 140
3 105
4 84
5 70
6 60
7 53

A good estimate for your long-term blackjack hands played per hour is somewhere in the 60-80 range. For a blackjack player receiving comps, more players at a table is better than few players.

Next time we will dive into the formula for calculating expected blackjack loss per hour when playing basic strategy.

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