Apple Cider Century 2009

In 2009 I purchased my first road bike.  2009 was also the first year I specifically trained for a cycling event.  My goal was to complete 100 miles in the Apple Cider Century.  As you can see, I came a little short of my goal distance and only finished about 71 miles of the event.  However, this was the longest I have ever bicycled in one day.

Apple Cider Century 2009

Here is the information on my training for this event:

Month Days Miles Hours
April 2009 1 5 1
May 2009 5 68 6
June 2009 14 214 15
July 2009 16 237 22
August 2009 18 319 27
September 2009 2 89 6
Total 56 932 77

Keeping good records of your training is great so that you can take a look back and see how you might improve.  One item that sticks out is that I only trained for 2 days in September.  This was a result of becoming ill.  Was it possible that I was over-trained?  Another issue was that I only had 3-4 months of significant time on the bike for training.  It’s possible that my goal distance was too high for the time (or lack there of) that I had.

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